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Concept and vision

Started two years ago by Nicolas Philippe and Hamish Brocklebank, Flooved had the "conservative" aim of revolutionising the publishing world.

It never seemed completely right to make students pay to access educational content, but that’s how things had always been. We believed it should have been possible to lower the price paid by students while at the same time giving them access to pools of resources. And possible it was, the Spotify model that we applied for textbooks worked in the academic areas that were targeted.

However we still felt the need to go beyond and make things in the ever evolving sphere of education even better: to make it free, to brand it with quality and to bring the global world of education together.

So, Flooved made a bold move and went for a complete paradigm shift: through social collaboration and by opening up the access student’s across the world have to knowledge. This new movement based on our existing principles and values is here and we'll be launching before you know it. We hope you're ready for us. See you soon, with a Flooved that exists solely for the masses.


Who is behind Flooved

The co-founders
  • Nicolas Philippe

    Nicolas Philippe

    Law degree from Sorbonne Université (Paris II Pantheon Assas), BA(Hons) in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from King's College London, Master's of Philosophy in European Literature and Philosophy from Cambridge University and Master's of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship from Imperial College London. Worked in finance, and is Non Executive Director of the investment fund CIPEC (part of the CIC Bank).
  • Hamish Brocklebank

    Hamish Brocklebank

    Passionate about pretty much everything. Walks, talks and sleeps everything tech & educational. In a former life worked in the city but eventually saw the error of his ways… more recently prior to Flooved spent a couple of years working in Advertising and PR for a whole host of tech companies. Is a member of the SVC2UK 100 Club, dreams of being in a rockband and can be found on twitter @hamishbrock
The backers and board
  • Stephan Shakespeare
    Flooved's chairman, Stephan Shakespeare is CEO and co-founder of YouGov the polling company. He is also Chairman of the UK Government's Data Strategy Board
  • Lord Ashcroft
    The entrepreneur Lord Ashcroft is Vice-Chairman of the UK Conservative Party and chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University

Advisory Board

  • Martin Hall

    Prof Martin Hall

    Vice Chancellor of Salford University, Chair of the Open Access Implementation Group.

  • Conrad Wolfram

    Conrad Wolfram

    Strategic director and European co-founder of the Wolfram group of companies.

  • Lady Perry of Southwark

    Lady Perry of Southwark

    Member of the Science and Technology Committee at the Lords, ex Chief Inspector of Schools in England, ex VC of South Bank Polytechnic, ex Pro-Chancellor of the Uni of Surrey, ex President of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

  • Janet Finch

    Prof Dame Janet Finch

    ex Vice Chancellor of Keele University, author of the Finch Report, chair in the Research Excellence Framework and Council for Science and Technology.

  • Aubrey de Grey

    Dr Aubrey de Grey

    Chief Science Officer at SENS Foundation.

  • Mary Curnock Cook

    Mary Curnock Cook

    CEO of UCAS

  • Paul Ayris

    Dr Paul Ayris

    Director of UCL Library Services and UCL Copyright Officer, President of LIBER and Secretary of the SPARC-Europe Board, member of the NSF-funded Blue Ribbon Task Force on economically-sustainable digital preservation.

  • Marshall (Mike) Smith

    Marshall (Mike) Smith

    Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Ex Under Secretary of the US Department of Education, Ex Dean of Stanford University School of Education.

  • M. S. Vijay Kumarn

    M. S. Vijay Kumar

    Sr Assoc. Dean and Director, Office of Ed Innovation and Tech at MIT, Ex Sr Assoc. Dean of Undergrad Education at MIT, Principal Investigator of O.K.I (Open Knowledge Initiative), member of the Advisory Committee of MIT OCW.

  • Cameron Neylon

    Cameron Neylon

    Policy Advocacy Director at the Public Library of Science (PLOS).

  • Prof Reinhard Diestel

    Prof Reinhard Diestel

    Professor of Mathematics at the University of Hamburg.

  • Mark Surman

    Mark Surman

    Executive director of the Mozilla Foundation.

  • David Prosser

    David Prosser

    Executive Director at RLUK - Research Libraries UK.

  • Nicola Clayton

    Prof Nicola Clayton, FRS

    Professor of Comparative Cognition, University of Cambridge.

  • Hugo Azerad

    Dr Hugo Azerad

    Professor at the University of Cambridge.

  • Rupert Gatti

    Dr Rupert Gatti

    Professor at the University of Cambridge and director at Open Book Publishers.

  • Brent Everitt

    Brent Everitt

    Professor of Mathematics at the University of York, member of African Institute for Mathematical Science and the next Einstein Initiative.

  • Johanna Malt

    Dr Johanna Malt

    Professor at King's College London.

  • Tommy Doyle

    Tommy Doyle

    SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Reed Elsevier.

  • Byron Rader

    Byron Rader

    Integration Director at Skype (Integrating Skype and Microsoft) Ex CFO of Microsoft France.

  • David Roche

    David Roche

    Non-Executive Chairman of the London Book Fair.

  • Enrico Motta

    Prof Enrico Motta

    Professor of Knowledge Technology at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University.

  • Dr Daniel Moskovich

    Dr Daniel Moskovich

    Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Mathematical Sciences.

  • Jamie Hampson

    Dr Jamie Hampson

    Professor at the University of Western Australia.

  • Jenny Fielding

    Jenny Fielding

    Head of Digital Ventures at BBC Worldwide.

  • Dan Heaf

    Dan Heaf

    EVP & MD Digital BBC Worldwide.

  • Emmett Brown

    Dr Emmett "Doc" Brown

    Head of Chronological development at DeLorean Inc.

Meet the Team

So who are the faces behind the code, designs, ideas and words? Here we all are (in no particular order of greatness):

  • Hamish Brocklebank

    Hamish Brocklebank

    Co-Founder and co-CEO

    Drinks coffee, fishes for tadpoles and talks about Flooved even in his sleep (when he does sleep that is)
  • Nicolas Philippe

    Nicolas Philippe

    Co-Founder and co-CEO

  • Uri Grodzinski

    Uri Grodzinski

    Head of Analytics

    Between our BBC offices and his post doc at Cambridge University in animal behaviour, Uri is in charge of student analytics.
  • Csaba Veres

    Csaba Veres

    Head of AI

    Csaba lives in Norway, creates magical technology from his University of Bergen and solves all our semantic problems.
  • Nuno Franco da Costa

    Nuno Franco da Costa

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Krzysztof Księżyk

    Krzysztof Księżyk

    Dev Ops

  • Simone Bozzata

    Simone Bozzato

    UI Designer

Technical Partners

  • Thank you Linode, the best cloud hosting solution in the world, for supporting online educational resources.

    With Linode you can Get a server running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and node location.


  • Proudly Supporting WISE - Promoting female talent in science, engineering and technology from classroom to boardroom.

    Get your ticket for the WISE awards here

Contributors Jobs

Working at Flooved

Jobs page:

We want more Floovers and Shakers on board and would love to hear from you!

  • A Competitive Salary

    Every team member receives a competitive salary of course, along with equity options! That’s the best part about start-ups, having more than just a say, you also have a share in it.

  • 5 Weeks Holiday

    Yes, we are Startup, which means we work a fair amount (and at odd hours) but we also make sure our team is energised and happy. We offer 5 weeks holiday for every employee upon start. That’s 25 days off per year along with days off for bank holidays, birthdays and of course Christmas (or any other traditional holidays that are important to you)

  • Work From Home

    We are a team built on trust and we let you work the way you function best. All of our employees get a flexible hours working scheme where you can pick your working hours. Think you’re most productive at 6:00 a.m? Come in at 6 and leave by 2. Prefer later working hours? Sure! We believe, as long as you’re happy and productive, so is the company.

  • Flooved's Fun Fridays

    Friday’s are fun and everyone knows that. We try our best (and one of our big goals is to make this a “rule”) to leave together every Friday and do something fun. We like exploring new bars, trying new cuisines and talking about everything else but work.

  • Snack Drawer

    Our Snack Drawer is so full of goodies that it’s borderline dangerous. We made one attempt go healthy in the past but the Ryvita from that healthy shopping jaunt still remains (but hey, we tried!). Everyone gives in their suggestions as to what they want in the snack drawer and it gets filled to the brim every week. We are strong believers in the power of chocolate and random snacking.

  • Other than that, we are the kind of people who prefer having music on while we’re working, more than half of us like coffee a little too much and most importantly we genuinely enjoy talking to each other.

  • Here are the current roles we are looking to fill:

  • Rockstar Intern:

    We are looking for a full time intern to be a part of our Social Media and Marketing Team. It's a really creative and fun role where your responsibilities will be to ideate, create and write well-written copy. One on one mentoring will be provided and if we may say so ourselves, you’ll be working with some really fun people.

    This is an expense paid position (travel as well as lunch) and the right person could possibly move into a full time role.

    We would love someone is familiar with social media strategies and someone who is a source of limitless creative suggestions (no pressure!). Even better if you have your own blog.



Every now and then, people say nice things about us, which makes us all very happy and motivated. We’ve got a list here (one we hope to be constantly updating) of all the articles we’ve been featured in as well as the awards we’ve won or been shortlisted for.


  • Shortlisted for The Next Web Startup Awards
  • Top 20 startups by startup.co.uk
  • Best Startup at the FutureBook Innovation Awards
  • Finalist at the Education Investor Awards 2012 in the New Boy (Technology) Category.

Hoot at us!

Map to Flooved

Drop us a line, ask us a question or send us some cake:


Pigeon posts is also welcome or just pop by if you're around:

Flooved Ltd.,

Imperial Innovation,

Ugli Campus,

London W12 7SB

Call us: 0779 273 4699



Need help? Well, you're in the right place!

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us.

You say you're Open Access, what exactly do you mean by that?

Our fundamental belief is that access to knowledge at all stages of education should be free. Our focus is on undergraduate education where the prohibitive cost of textbooks often mean that students aren't able to access the information they need. We follow Open Access principles and make all of our undergraduate resources free and as easy to access as possible.

Am I right that accessing the content is and always will be free?

Yes, absolutely. We will never charge anyone to access our content. Professors have given us and continue to give us great content for free, and we will continue to provide students with this great content for free.

If you don't charge to access content, what's your business model (don't you have staff to pay)?

We believe that it is essential to create a sustainable open access business model as this will allow us to invest more into making the technology better while providing broader access to more students. We will make our money through limited advertising (approved advertisers only), student recruitment (with the student's consent) and eventually premium features such as the ability to set up study groups and integrate with universities virtual learning environments.

As a professor, after giving you my content, what happens if I want to remove it or change it at a later date?

The authors keep complete control over their work. If you want to update or remove your content, just let us know and we will take care of it (email us at content@flooved.com).

Do I still retain the copyright to my work once it's submitted?

Yes, of course: by default when a professor submits content. Unless otherwise stated, it is on a "non-exclusive non-royalty worldwide revocable" licence, in plain speak this means that a professor/author still owns the content. If they want us to remove it or update it, at anytime we will. There is also no exclusivity so the author can still publish their content anywhere else they like.

I see you have Creative Commons content on your platform, I want to submit my content under a Creative Commons License?

We always encourage professors/authors who haven't already, to contribute their content on a creative commons basis (CC-BY 3 ideally) but there is absolutely no obligation to do this. Unless otherwise stated or expressed, content is submitted under a "non-exclusive non-royalty worldwide revocable" licence.

Please see our Copyright Policy page for more information.

What future features are you going to implement?

We are planning a whole host of exciting features to not only make the content more engaging but to make it easier for both students and professors to interact with each other. We develop using the "agile" method and so implement new features very quickly. We can't give you a comprehensive list but here are a few features which will be popping up soon:

  • - Annotations
  • - Group study mode
  • - Wolfram Alpha Integration
  • - Questions & answer platform
  • - Tailored content for your specific university and course
  • - Mobile version
  • - Tablet versions
  • - Detailed analytics as to how professors content is used
  • - Social recommendations
  • - Facebook integration

and many many more.......

As a student are there any restrictions based on which country I am in?

No, absolutely none. We do not believe that just because you happen to be based in one country as opposed to another that your access to great quality academic content should be hindered.

How do you vet and curate your content, I presume you don't just let anyone give you content?

This is a three stage process:

1. Self curation: the professors who submit the content are generally pretty good at providing great content.

2. Our team of academics who work part time for us (they are super bright and all doing Phd's or lecturing) check over each piece of content to make sure that it is factually accurate and correct.

3. Then once it is on the platform, we will allow users to rank the content both actively and passively so that we can recommend the very best content.

I'm a professor and have already published a textbook, I would like to make that available on your platform?

This would be fantastics and many professors already have. You need to check though that you own the digital copyright as we can't put content on the platform unless the person submitting it owns the copyright. For most textbooks published before 2000, the professor owns the digital copyright and also if there is no clause in your publisher agreement about digital copyright, then usually that means you own it.