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Personalised content from the best Professors

For undergraduate Maths & Physics Students

Better than Textbooks & completely Free

Get your free textbooks
  • Completely Free

    All the best content at your fingertips. The access to the content is free and will always be free.

  • Best Academics

    Content from some of the best academics in the world.

  • Save Time

    While the amount of content we have is enormous, it has never been so easy to access what's relevant to you.

  • Everything Everywhere

    No need to head to the library: access our texts anywhere & on any device.

  • Subjects

    We will soon be launching Mathematics and Physics. We'll be rolling out more subjects over the next 12 months.

  • Study with Peers & Profs

    You are not alone: collaborate online, ask questions, see public annotations.

  • For Everyone

    For students at every university everywhere in the world.

  • Create Latex Content Online

    Easily Create your own Latex documents online with our partner WriteLatex.com and then submit them straight to Flooved



Fed up with expensive Textbooks?

Professors from all over the planet give us their painstakingly handcrafted lecture notes, study guides and handouts (all of the topics you need to study as an undergraduate in Maths and Physics are covered). We then, with a little technical wizardry, turn these into indexed, searchable and interactive study resources - for free.

How much better is this than existing textbooks? You no longer need to pay a small fortune to get access to the best educational material available.

Coming soon:
  • Upload your own content and keep all of your documents in one place, easily and always accessible.

  • Make your content interactive: share it with your peers and with students across the country. Create flashcards and quizzes.

  • Access content directly linked to specific course modules at your university.



Effortlessly search and discover content:

We believe that just having access to great content is not enough, you need to be able to quickly and easily find resources relevant to you.

  • Topic browsing: find resources based on either broad-ranging or narrow field topic discovery.

  • Content Linking: our "Chapter Links" technology recommends related content and lets you dive deep by linking books' chapters, lecture notes and external resources.

  • Internal Indexing - Every text has its own linkable index allowing you to browse within a document based on relevant topics

  • Search - by key word, topic or subject and within content.

Coming soon:
  • Professors' Recommendations - See what the best professors in the world recommend on a topic basis.

  • Student Recommendations - See what the best students are using.



A beautifully effortless experience

Our intuitive reader will display content quickly and efficiently. Even with slow internet speeds, you can still enjoy our unique reading experience, allowing you to study smarter and faster.

  • Our Lightning quick reader will display content on any device.

  • Download copies of any of the texts in pdf format.

  • Annotate - all your notes in one place.

Coming soon:
  • highlight - Make it visual.

  • Summaries - Bring together the best of your notes and texts for painless revision.

  • Bookmark - Find your important and most used texts quickly.

  • Social - share and collaborate with peers and professors.

  • Referencing - with just a few clicks, reference any work on the platform.



Because we learn better together

Learn and understand faster and more efficiently, collaborate with your peers and revise together.

Our professors and authors will also have their own profiles allowing them to interact with each other, easily add or revise content and gain recognition for their work.

  • Facebook - One click sign up with Facebook. Email and twitter integration coming soon...

Coming soon:
  • Student Profile - An entire profile automatically generated for you based on what and where you study, allowing us to recommend content to you for specific modules and classes.

  • Study Groups - Create both open and closed study groups to discuss and work together.

  • Professor Profiles - Allowing professors to interact with their own students and students worldwide at their discretion.

  • Annotation Sharing - See your friends', peers' and professors' annotations and comments.

  • Social Recommendation - Find content based on what is most read, most liked and used.

Q & A

Q & A

Ask questions and receive curated answers on specific topics or on specific pieces of content. Assign topics to questions, answer other people's questions and contribute to existing answers. Giving you access to experts wherever you are in the world.

Coming soon:
  • Topics - Assign topics to questions to make them easily discoverable.

  • Questions pushed towards those best suited to answer them.

  • Answer questions to gain recognition and status.

  • Rate both answers and questions.

  • Attach pictures and formulas to your questions.

  • Search the questions and answers database

For Students

For Students

Learning couldn’t be easier:

We could say that Flooved is the best study platform ever, will get you a better degree and cut out your textbook costs. We could also say that using it will give you more time to go the pub with your friends…

But instead, here it is, plain and simple:
  • Sign up for free and get access to the best content from some of the best professors worldwide. We have a vast collection of lecture notes, study guides and handouts. We work with the best professors to these tailor to your needs.

  • Explore our great features: ask a question, make and share annotations or highlights, and so much more… The world’s your proverbial oyster. Most importantly, do some studying!

  • Wave goodbye to the old fashioned textbook: education is now accessible, interactive and free.

For Academics

For Academics

  • Send us your content, in any format. Just go to the [Topics] page, click on a topic and and send us your content.

  • Using both our automatic and manual tools we will then index it, tag it with your name and university and topics to make sure students can find it easily.

  • It's that simple, students can now access it from all over the world.

  • If you change your mind and want to delete or edit it, you can always contact us and we will make sure it is done with the shortest possible delay.